Best Care Dry Cleaners

Where did all the Pants go?

As I walk around Best Care these days, I notice a considerable lack of pants! Was it my imagination or had the pants disappeared?

Let me debrief you on the current pantdemic. In October of 2019 we cleaned 1537 pairs of pants this year October, 770 pairs of pants. So, a suggestion from your dry cleaner…please don’t forget to wear pants. Allow me to remind you of that familiar feeling of a waistband snug against your tummy, tucking in your dress shirt, zipping up your zipper, buttoning up the waist button. Even putting on a belt?! I implore you, let us be done with stretchy pants!

You know the most common Zoom and Teams joke? – …’I hope you’re all wearing pants!’  or cleverly typed into the chat ‘Dan, don’t stand up, I know you’re not wearing pants!

Why do I want you to wear pants again you ask? Well firstly, you are a grownup (most days) secondly, do they still fit or are they just taking up real estate in your closet? Its not just me, think of your virtual peers, you may have to get up for a coffee or tea and then everyone will see – business on top, party on the bottom!

I know its hard to imagine but we will go out again, socialize, connect, even party! I personally miss dressing up everyday like crazy. I can not wait to gather with friends and family wearing dress pants with a waistband, maybe even a bit of faux leather trim or a cute skirt…dare I say a dress and heels!

At Best Care we are doing everything we can to make sure we are here for you and your long-forgotten pants. Safely staying open for those that want to drop off in person. Offering free pick-up and delivery, contactless when possible. We even installed 24_hour_drop doors at both locations – drop your yellow bag anytime. We are excited for Winnipeg to return to work, get back to the gym, date night with your sweetheart, shop in your favorite clothing store, have a birthday celebration, even get married! Cheers to that!

Just in case you want to embrace the stretchy pants a bit longer…we also have a Wash~ Dry~Fold laundry service. Great for your casual washable items.

In all seriousness, a sincere thank you to all our loyal customers. Its been uncertain at times since March but we feel and are grateful for your continued support. As part of your community for 50 years we want to keep on doing what we love everyday – keeping your garments cleaned and pressed, helping you look and feel great! Hopefully…with pants on.

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