Best Care Dry Cleaners


From it’s beginnings in 1923, the WEA is now the largest and most respected business networking association in Winnipeg. The success of WEA is its membership, all 100+ members are the primary decision makers for their organization.

A global community of members, DLI brings the industry together, shares knowledge and offers the best tools available to help professional dry cleaners and wet cleaners succeed.

Management Bureaus are designed to be used as tools to enhance the success of your operation, through peer groups comprised of non-competing business in the same industry. Management Bureaus provide a framework to develop company growth from detailed knowledge of your operation, reliable information regarding what level of performance can be expected, and having the drive to take the necessary actions to improve all areas of the operation.

CFA is a body of professional dry cleaners dedicated to the improvement of the fabricare industry in Canada through the establishment of good management, ethical conduct, top quality training and proper operating procedures.

With 220 chapter locations in 75+ countries, EO supports leading entrepreneurs in almost every corner of the world. Our local chapters provide EO members with a nearby resource to connect with fellow business owners, join an active community, and grow as entrepreneurs.

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