Best Care Dry Cleaners

What types of payment do you accept for services?

We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card Interac and Interac e-transfer.

How often should I dry clean my clothes?

Garments that are soiled or affected by perfume, deodorant, perspiration or salt stains should be dry cleaned as soon as possible. Stains allowed to stay on fabric for longer periods of time are more difficult to remove. During normal wear clothing is exposed to air pollution and dust which weakens the fibres. Light coloured garments, silks and linens should be cleaned after each wear as they tend to be more vulnerable to soil. Always have your clothing dry cleaned before storage at the end of the season.

How soon can I have my garments back?

It depends on which location; we offer same day service Monday-Friday on most regular items. Please contact your closest location for details. (**Our cut off time for same day service is 10:30 am Monday-Friday only)
**restrictions apply for garments requiring extra care

Why didn’t the stain come out?

There are many reasons that a stain may not come out of a garment during the cleaning process or stain removal. Some possibilities are

  • The stain has been set in the fabric over time
  • The stain has been worked on before coming to Best Care and the water or chemical used has set the stain in the fabric
  • Some stains, such as types of permanent ink, are not easily removed from certain fabric
  • Fabric dye may be unstable, risking discoloration or colour loss of fabric

The best advice we can offer regarding stains is to blot, not rub the stain to remove as much of the stain as possible, while being careful not to re-deposit the stain onto the fabric. Do not apply water or any other solution to the stain, and bring the item in for professional cleaning as soon as possible. Fresh stains are generally much easier to remove.

This stain was not here when I brought the garment in. Why is it here now?

The stain may not have been noticeable when you brought the garment in. Often the heat and solution used in the cleaning process can cause the stain to react and oxidize, which makes the stain darker and more visible. Stains that are acidic or sugar based are the most damaging to fabrics, especially to natural fibres. A study by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute found that fabric damage can occur within one week of exposure to a stain; the damage increased significantly after one month.

Why do I have to pay for this garment when the stain didn’t come out?

Your garment received more than the usual care and attention during the cleaning process, since our staff spent considerable time and effort on trying the remove the stains. Your garment has been through the pre-spotting and cleaning process more than once, and often several times, as we make every effort to remove stains before informing a customer that we cannot work on the stain further without damaging the fabric. Because of the time, effort and materials involved, it actually costs us more to work on a problem garment.

Why are some of your prices slightly higher than competitors?

Our prices are based on what it costs us to provide you with the best quality service. This includes:

  • Upgrading and maintaining our equipment regularly
  • Hiring, training and supporting friendly knowledgeable staff
  • Using the best quality products to care for your garments
  • Staying up to date on the latest industry developments
  • Performing minor repairs at no charge while items are in for cleaning
  • Offering same day and rush service
  • Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service within Winnipeg
  • Sending Email and SMS order ready notifications
  • Using eco-friendy dry cleaning solutions
  • Recyling and reusing hangers (free hanger boxes available)
  • 24 Hour Drop Door at both locations
  • Lockers for 24 Hour Pick-Up (Kenaston Location Only)
  • Reusable Garment Bags as a plastic alternative
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