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How We Give Your Clothing the Best Care

What happens to your clothes when you bring them to us?

Who handles them and how do they make them look renewed and refreshed? Your clothes are in the Best Care when they’re with us! Our professional garment handlers are trained to remove stains, solve problems, press out wrinkles and make your clothes look the best they can.

The process starts at the counter when you drop off your cleaning. This is the best time to let us know about any stains that may require extra attention, or to identify any other potential problems. That way we can be sure our garment experts will be able to give your clothes any extra care needed.

We identify your garments with a bar code tag system, then sort them by type, fabric content, colour and cleaning method. Some garments may need to be laundered, hand washed, or wet cleaned. Other specialty items such as leathers or furs require special care. Some garments may require some stain removal efforts before we cleaning, and others may not. It all depends on each individual piece.

Dry cleaning cleans clothing without the use of water, it’s true, but liquids are involved. Dry cleaning solvent is the primary cleaning force in the process, using a fluid that cuts through grease and oily stains but does not harm most fabrics. Special dry cleaning detergents are added by a controlled system. Precision is of the essence to ensure properly cleaned clothing.

Professional wet cleaning resembles the home washing process because it uses water as the main cleaning agent, but that’s where the similarities end. Wet cleaning uses highly specialized equipment and detergents to clean clothing with little agitation, giving them a renewed and refreshed appearance.

After cleaning we check your clothes for any remaining stains that may not have come out in the regular cleaning process. This is called stain removal. Any lingering stains are removed as best as possible using the appropriate products and methods. These items are then re-cleaned to flush out any residue before we give them back to you.

Dressed to Im-Press

Near the end of the production line you’ll find our steam pressing stations. This is where your clothes are steamed and/or pressed and made ready to wear. Pressing is a job that requires an eye for detail, and it’s these details that help you look good when you’re wearing your professionally-cleaned clothes to an important function, for work or play.

Following the pressing process, all of your garments are brought back together and placed in the inspection line. This is where we look for things like missing buttons, stains that may need extra work, and any undesired impressions. Any item that does not pass this quality control inspection is sent back for additional care before being assembled with the rest of your order and bagged.

That’s the process in a nutshell. Thanks for taking the tour! If you have any questions about the clothing care process, or you would like a tour of our facility, feel free to ask a customer service representative or a manager. We love what we do and we’re only too happy to show it off!

We Look forward to seeing you again soon.

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