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Care Label Facts: Polar Fleece

With winter now fully upon us and temperatures continuing to drop, people are adding an extra layer of clothing in the morning as they prepare for their morning commutes—outerwear.

A popular type of outerwear is polar fleece. Polar fleece fabrics are made of a knit construction with a brushed or napped finish. Because of the nature of the fabric construction, garments made from this fabric have a tendency to pill during wear and handling. The result, of course, is a garment that may just be worn a few times before you want to hide it away in your closet for lazy Sundays, which is pretty unfortunate given that polar fleeces are very stylish and, just as importantly, extremely warm!

So rather than suffer later, take your preventative measures now with your polar fleece. Don’t consider them to be the same level of outerwear as a jacket that need only be washed once or twice (unless stained) – give your polar fleece the proper care.

No matter what care procedure is recommended— dry cleaning or washing—we can delicately clean polar fleece to minimize further pilling. In some cases pilling from wear can be removed with our special de-pilling tools.

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