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Removing Paint from Children’s Clothes & Skin

Help! The Kids are Home from School and Art Projects are a Mess

Q: How can I remove paint stains from my child’s clothing?
A: Most paints children end up playing with are water soluble and will easily come out in regular washing. The acrylics and other types of paints are better left to professional cleaners who can get the garments clean and flush out all of the stain removal chemicals used to achieve that end. Any residual stain removal chemicals can harm your child’s skin, so it’s best to leave that kind of work to our stain removal expert.

Q: How can I get paint off of my child’s skin?
A: Again, water-soluble paints will come off very easily, but acrylic or oil-based paints are a little more difficult. These paints will not bond with the skin, and may simply flake or peel off after drying. A little rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth can get the paint to come off and clean your child’s pores.

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