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Puckering is for Kisses not Suits!

Puckering is for kisses not Suits!

Recently I was having a drink with business associates when I noticed a suit jacket that had seen better days. I asked the gentleman as politely as I could who his dry cleaner was and what happened to his jacket? He looked at me and said he was very upset about it and it used to be his favourite suit. He let me know that he used one of our competitors, however, he did take off his jacket and ask me to ‘fix it’. I gladly accepted the challenge. Hopefully his jacket can be a learning experience to help you to prevent ‘puckering’ unless of course you are going in for a kiss!

What is the Problem?

The problem arises when the material bonded to the shell fabric to add body to the garment begins to separate from normal wear and care.

What does it look like?

Many suit jackets have a separate fabric fused to the outer fabric in some areas to give support, maintain shape and add body. When this interfacing material separates from the shell fabric or shrinks, the garment appears ‘puckered’ or ‘blistered’.

What causes it?

Interfacing separation can be caused by a number of manufacturing deficiencies. It can be due to insufficient time, temperature or pressure used in the fusing process. Not all fusible materials are compatible with the base fabric and will not form a good bond. In other cases, the interfacing and base fabric may have different rates of relaxation shrinkage that only show up after cleaning as bubbled fabric. Improper cleaning process can accelerate this shrinkage and make it more visible.

Can it be prevented?

When shopping, look for quality brands that stand behind their product. Paying more doesn’t always mean its better. We can tell you from experience cleaning thousands of jackets that the big box discount brands are usually the ones that don’t pre-test their garments. When choosing a dry cleaner, be sure they have the necessary experience to clean your suits according to the safest care method. After cleaning, your garment should be finished by an experienced presser, using the best equipment available.

Can it be fixed?

Well judging from our before/after photo, our new customer can wear his ‘favourite suit’ again without the embarrassment of puckering. Trust Best Care with all your clothing care and don’t forget to ask if we can ‘fix’ your problem garments too.

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