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How to remove Salt Stains from Clothing

Salt stains are common during Winnipeg winters. You know that telltale white line and stiff fabric along the hems of your pants. Although the salt helps to prevent people from falling, walking in areas that have been salted you kick or splash the salt up onto clothing. Salt from streets also splashes up onto your car and then you may rub against it, transferring it onto your clothing. Salt is very corrosive and will eat away at fibers if not completely removed. While wiping it away with a damp cloth while it’s fresh can sometimes help, salt does build up over time and can lead to unwanted discoloration and damage to clothing.

When dropping off a pair of pants for dry cleaning point out salt stains to our customer service representative. We have great success with salt stains, even on fine wools, as long as stains have not been allowed to sit too long. During the messy, slushy Winnipeg winter months, have your pants cleaned regularly. Outerwear coats and jackets can also be cleaned half way through the season to prolong their life and prevent salt stains from building up.  Trust our stain removal experts at Best Care with salt and any other difficult stains.

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