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Home Laundry is Harder Than it Looks

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your wardrobe and home machinery. Some people do their laundry improperly by not sorting loads, overloading machines and using too much soap or softener. You can always bring your wash to the professionals at Best Care Dry Cleaners, we do professional wet cleaning, we enjoy it and we do it well!

People spend more time doing wash now than 50 years ago, but research shows that clothes are coming out less clean and more worn, which works when you want the distressed look, but not for regular items. Front-loading machines are preferable to top-loading machines. The agitator in the middle of the top-loading machine beats garments and knocks the dirt out of them, while the tumbling motion of the front-loader reaches a better level of cleanliness with no unnecessary roughness.

Simple Steps for Cleaning Laundry Properly

• Check pockets

• Look for Stains that may require a professional

• Sort loads by

  • 1. Colour
  • 2. Construction and fabric type
  • 3. Amount of soil

• Select proper water temperature

• Select appropriate cycle

• Add detergent/softener following instructions – high efficiency machines need less soap

• Add clothing to washer following recommended load

Drying Loads for Fewer Wrinkles & Less Drying Time

• Sort by fibre content

• Sort by weight

• Do not overload the dryer

• Select drying temperature based on fiber content

• Remove promptly

• Fold or hang right away

A good dry cleaner follows all of the steps mentioned above, plus more. Similar steps apply for your dry cleanable items.

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