Best Care Dry Cleaners

Extend the Life of Your Garments

I often get asked if our dry cleaning or wet cleaning process is hard on clothing. If I were to give you only one clothing tip it would be – that regular cleaning prolongs the life of your garments. Contrary to the belief of some, frequent cleaning does not damage clothes. Frequent cleaning extends the life of a garment by removing stains, ground-in dirt and soils.

Here’s why – As we wear our clothes they absorb perspiration, body oil, dust, food spills and odours. When these contaminants are present, they not only wear the fibres but can attract insects. Stains allowed to sit are also more difficult to remove. Ground-in dirt is abrasive, like sandpaper, causing rapid wear of fibres.

Take a look at your items after each wear, if there are visible stains or odours, have your garments cleaned before you put them away. Light coloured garments, silks and linens should be cleaned after each wear as they tend to be more vulnerable to soil. If you are unsure, a good rule to follow is to have garments cleaned before storage at the end of the season.

One more tip: Not all dry cleaners are equal. Specifically with cleaning and finishing processes – machinery, equipment maintenance, technology and solutions used are very important. Technology changes quickly in our industry. At Best Care we utilize advanced equipment and eco-friendly procedures. We love to learn about the latest in garment care and apply that knowledge every day while handling your precious clothing.

Thank you for wearing clothes! 

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