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Are You a Morning Person?

Are you a Morning Person?

Several studies have correlated early rising with success. Some of the top benefits early risers experience are; being more proactive, feeling in charge of making things happen today, better planning, feeling more optimistic, having time in the morning for quiet uninterrupted work, enjoying a less congested drive to work.

Did you know that Best Care opens at 7:00am? We have two smiling, friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives that arrive each morning at 6:30am to get ready to serve you. What are the benefits of dropping your cleaning off early? We offer same day service on regular items dropped off before 11:00am. We have a parking lot where the first two spaces are left open for our customers. If you drop off in the early morning, you will have one less errand to run during rush hour or on your lunch break.

If you aren’t a morning person and can’t find time to drop off your cleaning, take advantage of our city wide pick-up and delivery service. Our driver is in your neighbourhood!

Call or email us today to get set up!

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