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Taking Care of Sports Jerseys

Every true fan has a team jersey for their favourite sport – or many of them! Jerseys are often expensive and should be given the care they deserve so they will last as long as possible. Here are some tips to keep them looking great. 

Most jerseys are made of polyester or other synthetic fibres. These fabrics can be easy to care for, but may have the addition of special embroidery, letters/numbers, and game day stains. First take a look at the care label, if it recommends cold water and no dryer, follow it! Hot water or dryer temperatures can cause fading, shrinking and letter damage. Always turn the jersey inside out before washing. After removing from the wash, turn jersey right side out to prevent letters from sticking, and then hang to dry. Avoid ironing as once again trims are heat sensitive.

If you have difficult to remove stains, trust our stain removal experts at Best Care to pre-treat these stains and get them out the first time. Stains like grease, mustard, alcohol and coffee will need extra attention and likely won’t come out in a regular wash. If your jersey is autographed, your professional dry cleaner also has the best shot at cleaning it thoroughly without disturbing the signature.

If your jersey is showing signs of wear like open seams, small holes or frayed edges, get these things repaired before they get worse. At Best Care we offer a full cleaning and alteration service for all sports jerseys.

Follow these simple tips to keep all your sports jerseys looking new!

Jets Jersey holes before mending               Jets Jersey after mending

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