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Protect Your Clothes at the Hair Salon

We all know the hair salon drill. The receptionist directs us to the changing room, where we weigh the wisdom of removing all of our street clothes and wearing their robe, against just slipping the robe on OVER our clothes and doing the cover up approach. Well…wonder no more. The answer is…Take your clothes off and wear the lousy robe.

Here’s why: hair products and coloring solutions contain solutions that can discolor your clothes, and any staining that occurs is permanent, just like your hair color.

These products can seep under, around, over and through towels and other cover up gear, damaging your clothes irreversibly. Even an unintended splatter or spray can hit the mark on your pants or skirt, doing damage that you may be unaware of until you clean or launder the item. So, our advice is – Go for it, take it all off.

In the event that you do get dye on a garment, remember to bring it to Best Care for professional and knowledgeable treatment and removal of these stains.

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