Best Care Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaning & Wet Cleaning

At Best Care, professional dry cleaning is much more than just cleaning. Our process involves multiple operations performed by a team of skilled professionals whose goal is to give your garments a like-new appearance. One of the many advantages of dry cleaning is that it dissolves and eliminates grease and oil on many materials, from natural to synthetic. Dry cleaning is extremely gentle on natural fibres such as wools and silks, making it the preferred care method. This process is particularly beneficial for delicate fabrics, intricate designs, and garments that cannot withstand the agitation and moisture of traditional washing methods. The term “dry” in dry cleaning refers to the absence of water in the primary cleaning process. After all stains are expertly treated and your clothes have been professionally dry cleaned, they are hand-finished on our steam equipment to restore them according to specific fabric requirements.

Professional wet cleaning is an excellent option for fabrics that may be cleaned more effectively by a water process. This method is not like home washing. Wet Cleaning uses specialized equipment to control water temperature, cycle length and agitation in combination with specific detergents and additives. Visible stains are skillfully treated, your clothes are professionally wet cleaned, gently dried, then hand-finished on our steam equipment.

Regardless of the process recommended on the care label, our years of experience ensure that your garments are professionally cleaned according to Best Care’s quality standards. After cleaning and steam pressing, each item is given a final inspection and returned to you – ready to wear.

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